Why Choose Express Wills?

Making a will online is the quick and convenient way of ensuring that your savings and your possessions go to the people that you care about most.

Express Wills allows you to securely and legally make a will from the comfort of your own home and for an affordable price; much cheaper than most other online services, without compromising on service. Our process is more comprehensive than you may expect, with services such as ‘Life Interest in Property’, which allows your spouse to live in the property for life but ultimately going to your children.

How does making a will online work?

Simply log on at a time that suits you and work your way through our online form, which is easy to understand and complete. Once you have answered all the questions and you are happy with what you have written, you save your form which emails a copy to our team. This is checked over and a PDF copy is emailed back to you to sign. Your will is reviewed by a lawyer and if all is well, your official will is created.

Do I need a solicitor to write a will?

You do not need a solicitor to write your will. Our team ensure that your will is reviewed by a qualified lawyer within 48 hours of completing our simple online form. This is a much cheaper and faster solution to hiring a solicitor.